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It can be tough to see the big picture and keep track of all the details, while integrating wisdom from your right-brain intuition as well as your left-brain practical side.

The workshops below are designed to help you do just that for your creative life and your business. In Unfolding Your Life Vision, we explore the important areas of your life and create a portable vision board to help you follow through and take the next steps toward your dream life. In Right Brain Business Plan, we do something very similar, but focused on your creative business! If the workshop you’re interested in isn’t currently scheduled, you don’t live in the Chicago area, or you just want to dive deeper than we can in a 1-day workshop, I also offer these experiences to my individual clients.


Unfolding Your Life Vision

  • Are you wondering what’s next in your life?
  • Do you have a clear vision of where you’re headed?
  • Are you craving more creativity and fun?

Join me in this out of the box workshop to make a fun and portable vision board to make your dreams come true.

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Right Brain Business Plan Workshop

Want a fun and creative way to plan for your amazing entrepreneurial success? Then come join the party at the Right-Brain Business Plan® workshop! You’ll roll-up your sleeves and craft a visual plan that lets your head know where your business is going AND inspires your heart to sing with joy.

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 One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes, a group workshop just isn’t a great fit – the timing isn’t right, or you just want more individualized coaching. No problem – I have a limited number of slots available for one-on-one coaching based around either Right Brain Business Plan or Unfolding Your Life Vision.

Both programs last 8 weeks. We’ll meet for about an hour per week to work through the material for that session, then you’ll have a homework assignment that extends and implements what we’ve worked on. One-on-one coaching sessions can be done in person or via video chat.