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It’s Been Really Crazy Lately

You know that thing where there’s just SO MUCH going on that when somebody asks you “so…whatcha been up to?” you just kinda…blank? That’s pretty much been me for the last month. Or six months. Or maybe it’s been 18 months? or 20 years. I swear, I say “it’s been really crazy lately” a LOT.… Continue reading It’s Been Really Crazy Lately

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On the Easel: Calling In a New Path

Back in late 2018, when I sat down to envision what I wanted to accomplish in the new year, it looked nothing like this. I had a plan…and you know what they say about the best laid plans, right? In the first three months of the year, my day job has cut my hours in… Continue reading On the Easel: Calling In a New Path


The Two Causes of Stress

Holy Flaming Stress Balls! It’s been a week – you know the kind, where you feel like you can barely breathe because you’re constantly dashing from one mini-crisis to the next? It’s already Wednesday afternoon, and I’m just getting a chance to sit down and try to make sense of it all. I won’t get… Continue reading The Two Causes of Stress

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Procrastination, Resistance, and Novel Addiction

Procrastination has been on my mind recently. Also, novels are the most addictive substance on Earth. For months now, I’ve been planning some really exciting stuff – new Intentional Creativity workshops, more regular blog posts, and most importantly, daily painting and drawing. I know¬†how important a daily creative practice is. Art journaling and painting are… Continue reading Procrastination, Resistance, and Novel Addiction

Doing it All

Blog Tool Review: CoSchedule

Blog Tool Review: CoSchedule You’ve heard the hype – start a blog and make 6 figures in your PJs by Tuesday. It all sounds so easy…until you sit down at the keyboard and realize you have no idea what to write. And you realize it doesn’t matter anyway because literally no one will read whatever… Continue reading Blog Tool Review: CoSchedule

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Camping: A Break for the Artistic Brain

I spent this weekend camping in the North Woods of Wisconsin, and while I didn’t get as much time as I’d hoped to sketch, I did have hours of driving with nothing to do but train the artistic eye – and watch for deer! Most people don’t necessarily connect camping and art, but I’ve found… Continue reading Camping: A Break for the Artistic Brain