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Blogging Along and Introductions

Sometimes, even a really good thing is just too much. On Friday, my husband and I bought a house. For us, it’s a huge step forward and it’s been something we’ve been trying to do for over a decade. (wow!) You’d think I’d be over the moon, right? But instead, I’ve been a mess. Depression has been lurking in every corner, coupled with exhaustion and overwhelm. No fun.

Last night, I had a call with my community of sisters in Intentional Creativity, and realized just how much I’ve been neglecting self-care. Even though I have a big, beautiful new studio space, my paints remained in boxes. I’ve been frantically putting the rest of the house together, with the crazy idea that I could only “indulge” myself and paint once everything else was set up.

Oh, the lies Depression tells!

This month I am blogging along with Effy Wild and about 200 other artsy types. This too, is self-care. It’s reaching out to the tribe, and claiming space. It’s standing up and saying, “I’m here. I have something to say that’s worth reading.” This month is also about launching the Tangled Spirits blog, introducing myself and my art. I am a mom, a writer, and an artist. I am passionate about mental health and healing, and the part that art can play in that process. I’ll share more as the month goes on, but for now…time to get the kids up for school.

Thanks for joining me today! Leave a comment and introduce yourself 🙂


9 thoughts on “Blogging Along and Introductions

  1. Hello Dear Tricia, and congratulations on both your move and starting the blog challenge. I, too, suffer from mental illness and it’s what I am primarily writing about this month of blogging. I am bipolar, and suffer from PTSD, Clinical Depression, severe anxiety and agoraphobia. It’s quite a basket of diagnoses to carry through life but I just take one day, one hour, at a time and keep on keeping on as best I can. And yes, I believe that art saves lives. I signed up for art therapy and am working on trying to make art each day and it helps. I hope you find your way into your studio and making art soon. And good luck with the blogging challenge! And blessings to you dearheart… <3

    1. Hello Maitri – thank you for being here, and for spending some of your time with me. I’m hoping to host an “art along” later this year, where a group of us can get together on a livestream and make art! I’d love to have you join in!

  2. I need to follow you! Couldn’t find the button!!! This is so totally up my street – from the name of your site to, well – everything!!

    1. Hi Rachel! The site is definitely a work in progress 🙂
      I’ll have the follow buttons up this weekend and let you know.

  3. Buying a house is so overwhelming. The stress of all the hoops you go through and then the moving in.
    In our case right now, my Beloved’s parents are trying to buy the house we all live in. The landlord played games for a bit, but now it’s all in paper work and waiting approvals and appraisals. The waiting and not knowing is scary.
    Congrats on your new home! Wish you all years of happiness, love, and much memory making!

    1. Yes – exactly! Sometimes it feels like all the hoops and uncertainty steal the joy of finding our forever home. But the bankers will have their paperwork! We have years to reclaim our joy 🙂

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