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Blog Tool Review: CoSchedule

Blog Tool Review: CoSchedule

You’ve heard the hype – start a blog and make 6 figures in your PJs by Tuesday. It all sounds so easy…until you sit down at the keyboard and realize you have no idea what to write. And you realize it doesn’t matter anyway because literally no one will read whatever you come up with anyway. And then you start to think┬ámaybe keeping the day job isn’t so bad…

Let’s stop for a minute and talk about the reality of building a blog around your passions. First, it’s not going to happen by Tuesday. At least not next Tuesday. And it is a lot of work, but if you know where to look, there are some really useful tools that make building a blog a whole lot easier. The cornerstone of my blogging toolbox is CoSchedule. It’s kind of like having a whole marketing team sitting in my computer, helping me stay on track and reach my goals. Let me show you how I use it:

Content Calendar & Workflows

Yesterday, I mapped out the next five months of blog content in my CoSchedule calendar. Yep – five months of weekly blog posts. I know what I’ll be writing about until the end of March.

That’s cool and all, but I could have done that on paper. Here’s where CoSchedule really shines. I attached a Blog Post Workflow to each post. My workflow includes:

  • Outline blog post
  • Write blog post
  • Create social graphics
  • Write social messages
  • Formatting & SEO

(CoSchedule actually comes with several pre-built workflows that I was able to modify to fit my personal style.)

Once I attach the workflow to a new blog post, CoSchedule automatically distributes those tasks around the calendar over the two weeks leading up to the publication date of the post. Gone are the days when I’m pounding out a blog post at 5am the day I’m supposed to publish!

Smart Social Media Posting

Normally, the next step would be to hop over to another app and start scheduling social media posts. With CoSchedule, I can do it right from my editorial calendar. Plus, the ReQueue features automatically fills in gaps in my social media posting schedule with evergreen messages. No more spending 16 hours on Twitter and Instagram! Plus, there’s some nifty AI going on that figures out the best times to send social media messages and automatically schedules them for those times.

I’ve been able to fill my social queues with about a month’s worth of messages that are an intentional mix of post promotion and conversation. There’s still plenty of room for spontaneous sharing and chatter, but if I need to take a break from the digital world, ReQueue will step in and keep the flow going.

That’s the really big win with CoSchedule – it’s an entire system designed to give bloggers the freedom to walk away from the computer without neglecting your audience and your goals.

So – will CoSchedule let you quit your day job and make six figures by Tuesday? Ok, probably not. But it will help you get there a lot faster than you would without it. Plus you get a full 30 days to try it out and see how it works for yourself.

(Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. I earn a small discount on my CoSchedule account if you sign up through my site.)

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