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It’s Been Really Crazy Lately

You know that thing where there’s just SO MUCH going on that when somebody asks you “so…whatcha been up to?” you just kinda…blank?

That’s pretty much been me for the last month. Or six months. Or maybe it’s been 18 months? or 20 years. I swear, I say “it’s been really crazy lately” a LOT.

I’ve been thinking about that recently too – that constant craziness, and the toll it’s taken on my health and my quality of life. I’m pretty much always exhausted, even with a long nap (sometimes two) every day. I also haven’t been painting and art journaling as consistently as I want to – which is crazy because it’s incredibly good for me and I almost always feel good when I’m doing it. But when it comes down to it, I end up staring at TV or scrolling through Facebook instead. I thought the problem was #noveladdiction but I (gasp) deleted the Kindle app from my phone two weeks ago and still…crickets in the studio.

Wait – no. Those aren’t crickets. Those are studio dogs (and kids)

My assistant taking a break after helping set up lights for filming

And maybe this is the key: I’ve been working like mad over the last 6 months to get ready for the Compass Rose Summit – a free online gathering of visionary women teachers from around the world. It’s been intense. But this is EXACTLY the moment when I – all of us really – need Need NEED to slow down, get our fingers painty, and take time to care for ourselves.

I’m trying out a new schedule this week, where I limit myself to ONE major task and 2-4 minor tasks. Once those are done, I’m done. Walk away and go paint something.

So far…well, it’s 3:30 in the afternoon and this blog post is my final “minor” task. And my major task ended up being a lot more complex than I thought it would be, so it’s going to bleed into tomorrow and I ended up doing a phone conference with one of the kids’ schools, so…I was hoping to finish sooner, but…hey, it’s a work in progress.

I’m going to be posting a lot about the Compass Rose Summit, because I think it’s completely crazy amazing, and I really do believe that there’s stuff there that’s going to make life so much better for you. That’s been my goal throughout the whole process.

Stick your name and email in the form below and I’ll send you all the details – or you can check out the totally unprofessional, unedited FB live video I made for you today. Or you can cut to the chase and just go check out the actual summit 🙂

See ya tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “It’s Been Really Crazy Lately

  1. I know your feels re: craziness and overwhelm. <3 It's hard to find some kind of balance between the have tos and the want tos.

    The summit sounds amazing!

  2. I totally feel the pull of everything away from the painty table….and those that are of my own scrolling erm making. Can’t wait to hear more about the summit and off to investigate the link

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