Doing it All

Schedules for Creative People

To say that I juggle a lot of stuff is sort of like saying Florida got a little rain last weekend…understatement of the year, right? Some days, I feel like a circus clown with all the juggling I do! Yesterday, I sat down and went through one of my go-to productivity exercises: the scheduling braindump.… Continue reading Schedules for Creative People

Doing it All

Weekend Game Plan and WIP

Hard to believe it’s already Friday! While it’s tempting to declare weekend early, there’s one thing that must be done (ok, not ONE thing – there’s still all the regular work/kids/house/life stuff that doesn’t seem to have a pause button): The Weekend Game Plan. All week, I find myself saying “We’ll get to it this… Continue reading Weekend Game Plan and WIP

My Creative Life

Blogging Along and Introductions

Sometimes, even a really good thing is just too much. On Friday, my husband and I bought a house. For us, it’s a huge step forward and it’s been something we’ve been trying to do for over a decade. (wow!) You’d think I’d be over the moon, right? But instead, I’ve been a mess. Depression… Continue reading Blogging Along and Introductions