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On the Easel: Calling In a New Path

Back in late 2018, when I sat down to envision what I wanted to accomplish in the new year, it looked nothing like this. I had a plan…and you know what they say about the best laid plans, right? In the first three months of the year, my day job has cut my hours in… Continue reading On the Easel: Calling In a New Path

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Art Every Day Month and Daily Painting

I had a great chat the other day with one of my art heros, Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici. (She runs the most AMAZEBALLS online retreat every year. If you haven’t checked out Woman Unleashed…do it. Seriously. It’s wonderful, and it’s free.) Amber had a couple of pieces of advice for me, and I’m putting one of… Continue reading Art Every Day Month and Daily Painting

My Creative Life

Blogging Along and Introductions

Sometimes, even a really good thing is just too much. On Friday, my husband and I bought a house. For us, it’s a huge step forward and it’s been something we’ve been trying to do for over a decade. (wow!) You’d think I’d be over the moon, right? But instead, I’ve been a mess. Depression… Continue reading Blogging Along and Introductions